The culture at AFB International is service-oriented and family-focused, providing employees with an enjoyable work environment, strong team spirit and work-life balance.

Why Join AFB International?

AFB’s team of highly skilled professionals provides the greatest contribution to our success as an organization. Our team members are diverse, creative, passionate experts who are genuinely dedicated to our mission, our customers, and the pets we serve worldwide.

At AFB, we believe that the right behaviors create value for our customers and our company. Some of our key behaviors are:

• Achieving high levels of external and internal customer satisfaction by engaging in behaviors that delight customers.
• Driving breakthrough results in safety, quality, cost, and growth through the use of continuous improvement tools and principles.
• Displaying the highest level of trustworthiness and integrity.
• Welcoming the diverse values, opinions, skills, cultures, and motivations of each team member, and using that diversity to drive success for our customers and company.
• Demonstrating high levels of professional curiosity and an ability to strategically find solutions to unmet customer needs to profitably grow the company.
• Developing people, self, and team to achieve our full potential.
• Ensuring a safe work environment through an unwavering commitment to injury prevention.
• Demonstrating leadership, leading by example, and inspiring each other to achieve greater levels of performance.

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