Does flavor variety stimulate food intake in kittens?

Does flavor variety stimulate food intake in kittens?

Do cats fed a single-flavor diet as kittens prefer that as they grow—or become tired of it? The results in this long-term AFB study provide insights into this and important related questions.

A long-term AFB research study investigated the role of kittens’ feeding experience during early life on their food selection as adults, considering effects such as primacy, novelty, monotony and sensory-specific satiety.

The nine-month study explored the following questions regarding kittens’ food intake and flavor preference. Learn more in AFB researcher Susan Jojola’s Petfood Forum 2016 presentation of the study results, including insights into the questions:

• Does method of diet transition influence food intake?
• Does flavor variety influence food intake?
• Does exposure to varied flavors result in broader flavor preference?



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