The true meaning of the p-value in pet food research

The true meaning of the p-value in pet food research

AFB principal biostatistician Jay Harrison dispels misconceptions about the p-value—a probability calculation used in pet food research to determine whether one ration is preferred to the other—in this presentation shared at Petfood Forum 2017.

In the pet food industry, business decisions about product advancement and claims about pet and consumer behavior are based on comparative assessments using data. Often these hinge on the p-value, a statistic that indicates whether a hypothetical situation seems reasonable after collecting and analyzing the data. 

However, misinterpretations of statistical summaries due to oversimplification of the p-value are common. Learn how to avoid this pitfall in AFB principal biostatistician Jay Harrison’s presentation first shared at Petfood Forum 2017. It includes:

• Mathematical and pet food industry definitions of p-value
• What high and low p-value really mean and why the “cutoff” for statistical significance is misunderstood
• P-value analogies from everyday life
• Examples from pet food research to illustrate common misconceptions about p-values and their interpretations

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