Jun 17, 2015

AFB Presents Groundbreaking Insights – All About Cats!

Ever thought cats were finicky eaters? New research may give us insight about why cats are often perceived as finicky.
Dr. Michelle Sandau, Senior Basic Research Scientist at AFB International, recently published a paper in BMC Neuroscience regarding cats’ bitter taste receptors. With the oversight of Dr. Nancy Rawson, Senior Director of Innovation and Basic Research, the team concluded that generally cats’ bitter taste receptors seem to be more narrowly tuned for the same compounds that were tested against human receptors. AFB received a lot of coverage from all over the world regarding this research. The story was featured in more than 40 reputable scientific magazines, journals and blogs! Some of the highlights include Science Magazine, Science News and The Australian. For more information on this cutting-edge research, please read the press release below or contact us at