En AFB International nos tomamos muy en serio la calidad. Cooperamos con fabricantes de alimento para mascotas con el fin de crear alimentos, snacks y suplementos más apetitosos para perros y gatos, satisfaciendo las necesidades específicas de todos los animales y dueños de animales a los que servimos.


¿Qué gusta a perros y gatos y por qué? Los innovadores investigadores de AFB están a la vanguardia del análisis de sabores para crear sabores de primera clase para los alimentos de mascotas.

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Las materias primas de máxima calidad. Las mejores prácticas en abastecimiento y producción. Este es el compromiso que AFB tiene con sus clientes, en todo el mundo.

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Únase al equipo de expertos de AFB en nuestro blog e intercambie información sobre la investigación, las tendencias y las innovaciones que hacen avanzar la industria mundial de los alimentos para mascotas.

Brooke Eiler
AFB International is your Palatability Training Resource

​Palatability companies will happily spend time with pet food professionals, educating them about palatability options and considerations. But at the rate the industry is growing and changing, newcomers are joining pet food every day. Fortunately, an e-learning option has become available via Global Pets Academy. The module, entitled “Principles of Palatability,” is designed to help pet food professionals quickly learn about pet food palatability.

Stacey Schlanker
PAIRED VS. MONADIC – What’s the difference?

​Paired Comparison assessments can tell us something different than Monadic assessments. Paired Comparison uses two bowls, where two different foods are presented. In Monadic testing, only one bowl of food is presented. Which one is better? 

Nicole Cody
5 Things You Need to Know About Being on the AFB Team

​You know that generic interview question “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” I have to admit, if someone had asked me that 10 years ago, I’m sure I would have gotten the answer wrong because I’m not sure I realized at the time—as a 20-something with not much experience under my belt—just how fortunate I was to have found a company I hadn’t heard of before, in an industry I didn’t know much about. It has been at THIS company, with THIS team, serving the BEST customers in the world, that I’ve been able to far surpass any professional and career development goals I ever set for myself back then.

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