Research & Development

At AFB International, we constantly search for new ways to better understand animal preference and enhance the palatability of pet foods, treats and supplements. Our unwavering commitment to research sets us apart from the competition, contributing to our global success and that of our customers.

Active Collaboration

Every day our researchers put their skills to work on behalf of pet food manufacturers to uncover new insights and improve results. Whether it’s evaluating how product components improve palatability, analyzing sensory feedback from discriminating pets or conducting head-to-head tests with competitors’ products, AFB scientists are skilled at asking the right questions—and finding answers that support progress and performance.

Resource Centers

At AFB, our cutting-edge resource centers represent our commitment to our customers—both human and animal.

Lovejoy Resource Center (LRC)

At our technologically advanced LRC, AFB’s internationally recognized researchers identify novel palatability enhancers and bring new and refined products to market. In addition, we provide our customers access to our process research laboratory, perfect for pilot-sized production testing.

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AFB’s inviting PARC provides ongoing companion animal feedback about palatant performance to our research and development team.

cat eating food

Our resident dogs and cats enjoy a lifestyle that simulates an in-home situation in a living space that is loving, playful, safe and clean. Trained caregivers observe the animals in their environment and record measurements and behaviors that help create palatable products for our pets.